Non Twelve Step Treatment Programs In Texas

Non twelve step treatment programs in Texas

While Texas doesn’t have the highest level of drug use, it does have thousands of residents suffering with drug and alcohol addiction.
Substance abuse in Texas, like other states, is fueled by access to narcotics and drives the need for non twelve step treatment programs. Here are some statistics to consider.

  1. Over a million (1,078,690.4) pounds of marijuana was seized by the federal government within the state of Texas in 2007, and comparable amounts still continuing to be collected every year since. Bordering Mexico, there is relatively easy access to a constant drug supply in Texas. Add that with what is homegrown, it is no wonder that there is so much marijuana easily available.
  2. Cocaine and heroin are also easily imported from Mexico in high volume, with thousands of kilos seized annually.
  3. Despite police crackdowns, meth labs are still all over the state, with over 155 of them discovered in a single year alone.
  4. Other narcotics, including club drugs like ecstasy, are easily available in the larger cities as well as they've crept into countless smaller ones. These are among the most highly abused narcotics in the state.

With narcotics trafficking at such high volumes like this, it’s understandable that many Texans deal with substance abuse.

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Why Non 12 Step Programs in Texas are the Right Option

Non 12 step program

Non twelve step treatment programs have a long track record for success for treatment – because they focus on treating the physical and emotional addiction. Traditional options like group therapy have been commonplace in 12 step programs, but advanced research into addiction and recovery generisk viagra has revealed that programs can do more to help patients.

Traditional AA/NA methodology has several issues which make it a poorer choice for recovery.

  1. These methods uses indoctrination to motivate change in the patient, but non 12 step programs give more comprehensive support so patients don’t have to rely on internal motivation/
  2. They focus on the spiritual aspects of fighting addiction, while non twelve step treatment programs address the psychological and physical components of addiction.
  3. They rely on group therapy, which has been proven to produce less positive results than the individual counseling that is part of non 12 step programs.
  4. They promote a belief that those who deal with addiction are powerless, and will likely relapse. In contrast, non 12 step programs focus on long term success.


With their different focus and methodology, non twelve step treatment programs in Texas can bring patients real recovery from their substance abuse problems.
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Find Alternatives To 12 Step Drug Rehab & Recovery Programs In Texas

Texas Long Term Drug Rehab Centers

Austin Recovery
8402 Cross Park Dr. | Austin, TX 78754

Burning Tree
Kaufman, TX

Hazel Street Recovery Center
1217 Hazel St. | Texarkana, TX 75501

Pathway to Recovery
2119 Oak St. | La Marque, TX 77568
135 W. Locust | Angleton, TX 77515
1224 Linton Dr. | La Marque, TX 77568

Phoenix House
400 W. Live Oak St. | Austin, TX 78704
2345 Reagan St. | Dallas, TX 75219

Red River Recovery Center
2501 Taylor St. | Wichita Falls, TX 76309

Road to Recovery
9400 Lomax St. | Houston, TX 77093

Sante Center for Healing
914 Country Club Rd. | Argyle, TX 76226

Sundown Ranch
3120 VZCR 2318 | Canton, TX 75103

And many others...

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