Non 12 Step Rehab Programs – What to Look for In Successful Drug Rehab

Non 12 step rehab programs

Although drug rehab programs can come in all forms and styles, there are a few factors that bring non 12 step rehab programs ahead of the pack. Successful non 12 step addiction treatment programs all share similar components that increase the likelihood that the patient will live a drug-free life after treatment.

Choosing the Right Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment

Here are the three factors to look for in successful non 12 step addiction treatment programs.

Look for a Non Disease Model

Approximately 95% of all rehab programs in the United States use traditional 12 step therapy. This isn’t because they are necessarily effective. It’s because they are the longest running type of treatment. However, 12 step methods are founded on a disease model of addiction. They teach patients that they are suffering with a lifelong, incurable disease that they are powerless against. Patients are taught to cope with their lifelong addiction rather than treat it, and as a result most twelve step rehabs have a very low success rate (oftentimes less than 10%).

However, non 12 step rehab programs have proven to be successful time and time again. These methods of recovery don’t treat the patient like a diseased person. They become addicted to drugs or alcohol through ongoing learned behavior and underlying emotional problems. With the right guidance through non 12 step addiction treatment, patients can overcome their habits, deal with their feelings and get the biophysical detox they need to recover.

Avoid Drug Replacement Therapy

Drug replacement has become a common tool for some rehab centers. They ease a person off of their drug or alcohol dependence with a replacement drug. However, this doesn’t help a patient recover long term. They simply become addicted to the new drug.

In contrast, non 12 step rehab addiction treatment focuses on long term recovery without drugs of any type. When a patient can be entirely drug free, they are in a better position to have long term success. Non 12 step rehab programs don’t practice drug replacement therapy because they want their patients to reach complete sobriety.

Find Long Term Rehab Options

The 28 day treatment model has become the standard for many rehab centers, possibly due to insurance companies paying for “up to 30 days” of treatment. Unfortunately, what works for insurance companies does not always work for patients. For most patients, 28 days is not enough time to discover and resolve the underlying causes of their addiction.

Long term, non 12 step rehab programs have a better success rate because they give patients the time to detox from their addiction and deal with the underlying emotional causes. The goal is to resolve the dependency – not replace it with a recovery drug or weekly meetings. Non 12 step addiction treatment in a long term scenario gives patients the best chance at full and long term recovery.

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Non 12 step addiction treatment

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