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We have all experienced things in our lives where that "aha!" moment happens and things change for the better. It often comes about when we did not quite understand something and then the penny drops; a breakthrough occurs. There is a revelation when we find out something we have always accepted to be a truth - and turns out not to be true at all. Those moments are sometimes subtle but unknown at the moment, and you later find that the shift in understanding creates a radical change in many other aspects of life that you realize are somehow interrelated.

Our Personal Story and Experience with Non Twelve Step Rehab

I had such an event occur for me. It was related to my husband, his earlier problems with addiction to alcohol and pain pills and his entry into non twelve step drug rehab.

My husband grew up in a family of alcoholics and they all went to AA meetings regularly. It was frequently discussed in his childhood that he also had some 'gene' that would likely kick in and make him an alcoholic later in life. After all, his entire family was learning that addiction was incurable and they could only learn to cope with this affliction. They didn’t know about non twelve step rehab options, and followed the twelve steps dutifully.

I met Alex after college and we married a few years later. All was well for nearly 10 years together. Then he developed an addiction to alcohol and pain medications that nearly destroyed us. It was ruining our lives and he finally agreed to get help. He now felt that what he recalled as a boy was indeed his destiny. This is the opposite of what we learned eventually through non twelve step rehab. Since I had no experience in this area, I simply agreed to go along with this line of thought and didn’t explore any non twelve step drug rehab options.

Going to traditional rehab was the worst thing we could have done. He went to three different drug and alcohol rehabs, but they weren’t non twelve step drug rehab centers. All of the centers seemed to help a bit at first, but these programs just reinforced his belief that he had a disease. This made him feel like he was always an addict hanging on by a thread. He felt these programs made him feel helpless and unwilling to assist him in finding the underlying reasons for his addiction. He wanted to resolve them and be free of his dependency; not simply cope his whole life with a disease. His experience was in stark contrast to what we discovered later with non twelve step drug rehab.

I supported him as he fought to find a better way. I also believed that there was something missing from his recovery, but being uneducated on the matter, felt I could only give him moral support. I later found out that this missing component was part of the foundation of non twelve step rehab programs.

He relapsed again and again and finally a close doctor friend of ours told us about 'non disease' based drug rehab options. He explained to us how new treatment centers are all about getting to the root cause of the addiction; and that non twelve step rehab centers did not believe in the idea of "once an addict, always an addict." Instantly we had the feeling that this was exactly what we had been searching for and just did not know that it existed. We did our research and found the success rates of these better non twelve step drug rehab programs are easily 5-7X higher than traditional AA style programs.

With all this new information on non twelve step rehab programs, it became clear to us that when patients are told they are incurable – they become incurable. Those that are told they can regain control of themselves and their decisions and revolve their underlying issues through non twelve step drug rehab programs – do so. Common sense really but the results were astounding and most were living life after rehab without relapse.

Alex found the non twelve step rehab program that made the most sense to him. It was an inpatient rehab facility that also included the biophysical rehab treatment. In 3 months he returned a changed man. He found himself again through non twelve step drug rehab. With this type of help he had no more anxiety over relapsing. No more concerns over why he failed in the past or why he felt the urge to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. He felt he had a new life. That was 8 years ago and we now have 3 beautiful children and are happier than ever thanks to non twelve step rehab.

Our experience with substance abuse and finding out the truth regarding it not being a 'disease' changed our lives. Since then, our story and experience with non twelve step drug rehab has helped many of our friends and family. We realized that we needed to continue helping others on a larger scale find the same level of success with non twelve step rehab programs. For this reason, while maintaining our family business, we decided to dedicate our time and resources to create this website and assemble a qualified group of individuals to be available to help anyone 24/7 the same way our friend helped us to find out the truth so many years ago.

It’s now your turn to find out the truth about non twelve step rehab. We have many dedicated and experienced addiction counselors who can take your calls, listen to your needs and help guide you to alternative inpatient drug and alcohol recovery options for you or a loved one. We hope you will benefit in finding a non twelve step drug rehab treatment center like we did and wish all the best for you and your family.

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