Are Long Term Addiction Treatment Centers the Best Bet for Success?

No one becomes an addict overnight. That’s why short term, 12 step recovery programs have such a low rate of success. They fail to address the underlying reasons for addiction in the first place. By the time a patient detoxes from his or her substance dependence, they are out of the program and back in the real world. They don’t have the tools they need in order to cope with the emotions that fueled their addiction. As a result, most end up relapsing.

Get the Facts about Long-Term Drug Rehab and Recovery

Long term addiction treatment centers take a different approach to recovery – one that is proven to be more effective. With long-term drug rehab, patients are allowed to go through all of the steps necessary to remove dependence, detoxify their systems, work on their emotional problems and develop tools for long term sobriety.

Step One

It all starts with detoxification. Long-term drug rehab centers often start with biochemical detox that removes the physical remnants of years of drug and alcohol abuse. The body metabolizes these substances in the kidney and liver, which can leave behind metabolites that cause subsequent cravings. Long term addiction treatment centers know that this detox is an essential step – but only the first on the path to recovery.

Step Two

Drug and alcohol problems aren’t created in vacuum. There are often underlying emotional traumas, memories and experiences that push a patient toward disconnecting through drugs and alcohol. Counseling and behavioral therapy sessions are an integral part of long-term drug rehab care plans. Unlike with 12 step programs where the focus is often on group therapy, long term addiction treatment centers give patients the opportunity to get individualized support. In these one on one sessions, patients are free to explore the conditions in their life that led them toward drug dependence, and get real healing that leads to long term recovery.

Step Three

Long term addiction treatment centers give patients the time they need to recover and tools to stay sober. The downside of 28 day or shorter programs is that there isn’t enough time for patients to learn and practice coping strategies. Once they leave the safe world of the facility, they are faced with numerous challenges that can drive them back to substance abuse. Long-term drug rehab programs help patients project forward and look at what their lives will be like post recovery. They challenge themselves to come up with processes and tools to resist temptation and stay sober. This way when they leave the long term addiction treatment center, they are able to cope with problems through different means.

Long-term drug rehab centers are more effective and provide patients with a better experience.

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