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FL Non 12 Step Drug Rehab Centers

Florida has long been a gathering location for many of the larger named rehabs in the country. Like California, the state has become sort of a destination location for many who are seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment in a sunny beach-like atmosphere. While most of these centers are traditional 12 step or disease based treatment programs, there are a number of quality alternative non 12 step recovery programs as well.

Some of these facilities are going to be better than others and we recommend choosing a rehabilitation center that focuses on the individual and allows more of an open-ended approach (90 days or longer) so that addicts are not rushed out of treatment prematurely.

Non-12 step rehabs have seen the highest levels of success in helping people struggling with addiction by giving them the tools on how to live a drug free life. They take a completely different approach than their traditional counterpart (though individual centers' exact recovery methods may vary from one another). Some of these programs are completely holistic in nature and use a combination of exercise, medication, yoga, nutritional supplementation, relaxation and other methods to provide relief from withdrawal symptoms. In addition, these non-12 step programs use scientific principles instead of relying on spiritualistic ideology.

Non-12 step rehabs take a more individual approach to recovery treatment, leaving group therapy out altogether. Because when 100% focused on the individual it revitalizes their self-esteem and desire to fight back against the addiction.

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Find Alternatives To 12 Step Drug Rehab & Recovery Programs In Florida

The Statistics Of Florida's Drug Problem

Continued Drug Use In FL

Federal and government studies have shown that the state has one the highest levels of substance abuse in the country. According to some studies, approximately 8 percent of the population in the state admits that they have used a narcotic within recent months. The number of incidents of drug seizures and raids is at a highest-ever level, fluctuating only slightly from year to year.

Florida has seen over 5,660 kilos of cocaine seized in 2007, with much higher quantities in 2006 and 2005. Cocaine seems to be easy to get in the state, and it is the number one substance of concern, especially in the lower-class areas. It has been related to many violent crimes and other social problems.

Heroin and meth are also huge problems across the state, especially in the southern areas. Meth labs are seized more than one per week. This has resulted in over 19 kilos of methamphetamine and 1,010 kilos of heroin recovered in one year alone from raids.

Marijuana is grown locally and imported in to the state, which makes it easily available; and demand only seems to be growing. Club drugs - such as ecstasy, LSD, GHB and others with extremely dangerous effects - have been widespread, though local law enforcement has been working hard to make a dent in the problem. Prescription medication is the second highest substance abused in the country, after marijuana.

Overall, when it comes to substance abuse, the state has done poorly when compared to the national average. In one year alone, 2,900 people lost their lives to addiction. If we factor in the number of people that died over territory disputes, disagreements, and drug-related conflicts, that number would be far greater.

The largest problem in Florida used to be the consumption of methamphetamine. However, just as the national trend has changed, so has the Sunshine State. The most problematic substances are prescription medications - opioid pain relievers to be exact. The abuse of these pharmaceuticals has skyrocketed.

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Find Alternatives To 12 Step Drug Rehab & Recovery Programs In Florida

Government Efforts And Programs

Local government has been making efforts to stem the flow of availability of narcotics to cut down on addiction and encourage anyone struggling with dependency to make changes in their lives. The DFC (Drug Free Communities) program is one such organization that helps communities find local recovery solutions. More than 20 communities received grants from the government to help clean up their areas. Over $330,000,000 has been invested in Florida's battle against drugs.

Floridians In Need

Your Spot In Recovery

Of course, it is true that we can't expect politicians and law enforcement to do everything. The person struggling with addiction as well as their friends and loved ones must do their part to fight back against addiction. With drugs and alcohol readily available at oftentimes relatively low cost, the best way to make a complete recovery is to go through a form of detox and rehab. A properly balanced treatment regimen is the only way to make sure a person makes a change in their lives, as doing so ensures that the need and desire to use is eliminated. Long term success rates in Florida have been relatively high, with many coming out of addiction and making monumental life changes. The best rehabs pull users through physical detoxification and a rebuilding of their lives in a way that helps them build towards their future.

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Find Alternatives To 12 Step Drug Rehab & Recovery Programs In Florida

12 Step Rehab Problems

The twelve step methods have been around for many years; however, that does not necessarily mean they provide a quality solution to something as serious as addiction. They utilize group therapy, indoctrination and a "one size fits all" approach. The problem with these methods are many, ranging from the fact that people are different and not everyone has the same issues, to the fact that many have different religious beliefs.

These 12 step rehabs are unable to properly address the underlying problems that addicts have, such as the psychological or emotional instabilities which is why they have turned to self-medicating. Non-12 step rehab treatment uses individual therapy sessions to figure out what the core problems are and then helps the individual work through them.

Getting Help

Get The Help You Need

Demand for non-twelve step rehab programs in Florida have increased tremendously. As a result, facilities using these methods are starting to spring up throughout the state as well as the rest of the country faster than ever before; and people are flocking to them to get the help they so desperately need.

There is no reason that your life or the life of a loved one needs to be controlled by addiction. For those who need help, know that there are successful alternatives available. It is possible to live a life without the threat of relapse.

When living a life without the use of drugs, you can gain:

  • A clearer mind
  • A cleaner lifestyle
  • A safer life
  • Happier relationships

There are a number of options out there and it is important that you or the person you care about receives the best care and help possible before it is too late. Contact us now to learn more about the differences between the various Florida drug and alcohol rehab centers and get help locating a quality program in your area.

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Find Alternatives To 12 Step Drug Rehab & Recovery Programs In Florida

Florida Long Term Drug Rehab Centers

ATI Wellness
2120 Range Rd. | Clearwater, FL 33765

Bayshore Retreat
Destin, FL

Gulf Coast Addiction Treatment
3391 Scenic Hwy 98 East | Destin, FL 32541

Palm Partners Recovery Center
160 Southeast 6th Ave. | Delray Beach, FL 33483

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center
8213 Cessna Dr. | Spring Hill, FL 34606

The Watershed
4905 Park Ridge Blvd. | Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Transformations By The Gulf
7217 Gulf Boulevard | St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

And many others...

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