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drug addiction intervention

Drug and Alcohol addiction can affect everyone in a person's life. When it comes to confronting a love one who is suffering from an addiction, the intervention process can be difficult. Too often, fears of hurt feelings and anger make people turn a blind eye. Unfortunately, allowing the individual to continue abusing drugs and alcohol may eventually lead to their death, or the death of others. With a disturbing 18% of inmates admitting to committing a crime to fund their habit, it is critical to proactively approach an addiction before it gets out of hand.

Anyone who doesn't feel as though they personally can handle the intervention process on their own should seek the assistance of a professional.

What is a Drug Intervention?

A drug addiction intervention is designed to help the individual with substance abuse problems understand their addiction and begin focusing on the things that can be done to overcome the addiction. This is a combination of education and communication to help get the person to open up and be more receptive to the process.

With most non 12 step addiction treatment intervention programs, the environment is calm and there is no room for judgment. Instead, an objective stance is taken in an effort to put the focus on the addiction rather than the individual themselves. This approach has a more positive response than confronting a person and cornering them about their addiction to force them into a rehab program that will most likely be counter-productive.

When it comes to non 12 step rehab programs and a drug intervention, having a third party drug addiction intervention service involved can help. These individuals are specially trained to deal with the intervention process and they can help open up the lines of communication and make sure the addicted individual is more receptive to the information being presented. Too often, a drug addiction intervention fails because the person receiving the intervention has closed themselves off and are no longer receptive to the information being provided. A non 12 step addiction treatment program may then be agreed upon to get people to stop talking to them rather than genuinely understanding the concern and the affect their addiction is having on them. Until the individual admits there is a problem and is willing to seek treatment, there isn't much else that can be done.

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It is important to understand that intervention is just a small part of the process. Non 12 step rehab programs are designed to make certain there are positive changes taking place during the entire process. This begins with the interventionist sitting down and opening the doors of communication in an effort to get the process moving in a productive direction.

What to Look for in an Interventionist

With more than 5 million people visiting the emergency rooms in the United States alone due to drug abuse, there is an obvious problem and intervention is necessary. In many cases, the addicted individual may have sought treatment after their emergency room visit. Others may have refused to accept their addiction put them in the hospital. For these individuals, the guidance of an interventionist who understands the non 12 step addiction treatment program can be useful. But to be sure the best interventionist is hired, some important questions must be asked.

What Is the Right Type of Intervention?

There are four main types of intervention that can be used. They are Johnson, ARISE, Love First and CRAFT. Each of them has their own unique benefits and it is important to discuss the options with the interventionist to determine the one they believe is superior when providing assistance to a loved one.

Are You a Licensed Professional?

While there are no requirements in some states for an interventionist to have a license or a certification, it can offer some peace of mind to family members seeking to do a drug or alcohol addiction intervention. Since 2005, interventionist certification has been possible through the Association of Intervention Specialists and over the years, other certifying agencies have also begun to offer certifications for this role.  

What Is The Approach if the Intervention Fails?

It is virtually impossible to have a 100% success rate during the intervention process. Not everyone will be receptive to the conversation and the idea of entering into non 12 step addiction treatment may result in the person putting up a wall. The interventionist needs to have some options in place should the worst-case scenario happen. Ask a potential interventionist how they handle difficult situations and make sure the needs of the family are being met at the same time. There is bound to be a lot of hurt feelings and anger, and in a counseling role, this individual needs to be able to handle the situation.

Can They Transfer the Person to the Facility

When the individual struggling with addiction agrees to enter into one of the non 12 step rehab programs, can the interventionist bring them to the facility? This is important because the time between the home and the facility can be difficult and trying. The individual may lash out at the last minute, plead and look for other options during this time. Often, family members will give into the pleading and the intervention may have been wasted if the family doesn't follow through. If the interventionist has the ability to transport once the individual has agreed and signed off on the transport, they will be taken to the selected facility to begin their treatment program. 

Is the Interventionist Available Post Intervention?

There is a wave of emotions after a drug or alcohol addiction intervention that needs to be addressed. Besides the individual struggling with addiction needing therapy post intervention, it is critical to have them sit down and spend some time counseling the family as well as individual counseling as needed. They need to deal with questions, concerns and emotions now so there isn't any resentment or guilt remaining after the intervention takes place.

What Will Their Services Cost?

Each interventionist is different. Some will include their fees in the non 12 step addiction treatment program they are attached to. Others will charge an hourly rate or a flat fee. If they have to travel and need to stay the night, there may be fees for room and board and other items. When working with this professional, it is important to get all their fees in writing prior to the intervention. That way, the family can make certain they can afford to pay the individual. 

What Is Their Availability

There is a good chance that if the interventionist is good, they will have a full schedule. It is important to obtain a schedule of possibilities for them and work a drug or alcohol addiction intervention based on their schedule. While it might delay the treatment a person gets, working with an in demand professional usually delivers better results. The goal is, after all, to get the individual into one of the non 12 step rehab programs to help them receive the assistance they need to fight their addiction.

Do They Understand the Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment Program?

Not all interventionists understand this program type. When speaking with someone, make sure they understand the program and how it will help the affected individual. If they don't, it is generally a good idea to keep looking until someone who can provide detailed and accurate information about the program is available.

Should they understand the program, it is a good idea to get some recommendations on a treatment facility. This can help make certain the individual receiving the intervention goes into a facility that will provide them with the best results possible.

Working Closely with the Interventionist

If drug abused is interfering with the life of a loved one, don't let things continue out of control. It is reported that 46% of the people in the United States have used an illicit drug at least once in their lives. Drug addiction doesn't get better without help and it can have severe physical, emotional and mental consequences associated with it.

As soon as the addiction is noticed, look for and work with an interventionist. This individual can help a person in denial and make sure meetings are composed of the right people who are trying to help the person get the treatment they need. If the interventionist needs particular items or help with part of the therapy, make certain those needs are met. The goal is to make sure the overall intervention goes smoothly and the addicted individual gets the treatment they desperately need.

It is a good idea to meet as a family with the interventionist in advance to go over the process and better understand what is needed from each family member. Letters can be written and everyone can focus on the essentials necessary for the intervention to be successful.

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But is Intervention Even Necessary?

alcohol addiction interventionQuite a few family members still question the necessity of the intervention. The truth is, in most cases, addicts don't always understand there is a problem. They don't see a need for a non 12 step addiction treatment program. For most people with a drug or alcohol dependency issue, denial they are suffering from any kind of substance abuse is common. 

It isn't until a loved one steps in and lets them know there is some kind of problem that they begin taking notice. Prior to that, they blame other things like surrounding situations and other individuals for their substance abuse problems. It isn't until they are presented with actual proof the substance is having an effect on their relationships, job and life that they will make any kind of change in their life. 

They need to understand their substance abuse is affecting everything in their lives and they need to accept some responsibility for their actions. A cycle has to be broken right off for these changes to take place. While a lot of work can be done through non 12 step addiction treatment, nothing can happen until the denial is dealt with.

But when is the right time to get the intervention the person needs? As soon as you notice any kind of substance abuse problem with them, even if you think the proof isn't enough. This can be a change in their weight, bad personal hygiene or sudden fighting with loved ones.

They may withdraw themselves from family functions and they may no longer keep promises they once would have. You may even notice there are people accusing them of committing petty crimes. Whenever you notice these signs, take action and step in. Intervention is most successful when it begins early enough.

Focus on the Environment

A mistake people often make during the intervention process is either going to a public place without privacy or a location where the individual doesn't feel comfortable. The right approach to intervention will depend on the individual who is receiving treatment and where they will feel the most comfortable. It is important to sit down with the interventionist beforehand and talk to them about the situation so they can consider some of the unique possibilities available. In most cases, they can help you determine the best approach and make certain the intervention goes smoothly with fewer problems so the individual suffering from substance abuse gets the help they need. 

Addiction isn't something that will suddenly go away on its own. It will take a drug or alcohol intervention to help a person begin the process of getting the help they need. Take the time to find a drug interventionist who can help you get your loved one into a non 12 step addiction treatment program and help them to get back on their feet. Doing this now before things escalate could save a life and help your loved one better understand the consequences of their addiction. 

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