Biophysical Detox – a Non 12 Step Drug Rehab Option

Biophysical Detox

Drug and alcohol cravings can derail recovery efforts – especially if a patient doesn’t have the right support in detoxing from these addictive substances.

A biophysical drug detox program can help give individuals the strength they need to overcome addiction long term and eliminate physical cravings.

Biophysical detox is a non 12 step drug rehab option that focuses on helping with the biochemical effects of drugs and alcohol. Both drugs and alcohol are metabolized through the liver and kidneys, which leaves behind particles called metabolites. Over time, metabolites are stored in the fatty tissues and organs of the body. Occasionally, these chemicals can be released back into the blood stream and up into the brain – which causes cravings.

With these physical re-stimulations happening all the time, a patient can struggle to end substance abuse on their own.

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Overcome Addiction with Biophysical Drug Detox

Non 12 Step Drug Rehab

Non 12 step drug rehab clinics often use biophysical rehab protocols to use a more holistic approach. With a biophysical detox program, a patient is guided through the initial withdrawal symptoms – but the support doesn’t stop there. Patients receive a variety of treatments based on the staff’s recommendations. Professional non 12 step drug rehab centers will be able to determine the degree of detox that a patient will need, and which programs would be best.
Some of the most common methods of biophysical drug detox include:

  1. Sessions and guidance from a nutritionist.
  2. Supplement protocols including a range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and B-3 supplements.
  3. Light exercise like walking or running.
  4. Sauna sessions designed to sweat out the toxins from drugs and/or alcohol.

After the first few days of withdrawal, the biophysical program focuses on getting the patient back to a healthy physical state. The toxins from drug and alcohol abuse leave the body, and are replaced with essential vitamins; minerals and exercise that help the patient overcome cravings and get on with their recovery.

The results of biophysical drug detox and alcohol detox can be incredible. Patients can feel like they never abused drugs and alcohol in the first place. They’ll experience better sleep, few if any cravings, a better outlook on life and the strength they need to remain sober.
Finding the right non 12 step rehab program that features biophysical detox can be tough on your own.

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