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Getting Rid of the Concept that Something is Better than Nothing for the Drug Addict or Alcoholic

Tuesday, Sep. 20th 2011

Any wife, husband, mother, father, sibling or friend finds great relief when they hear that the drug addict in their life is entering into a 12 step program to try and deal with their drug or alcohol addiction. Any ray of hope for the bystanders who care about an addict is well received. Yet many times they are missing out on a golden opportunity here that could be, and most likely would be, far more effective than what the addict is attempting to do with this type of 12 step rehab program.

First it’s important to understand why 12 step rehab programs may have outlived their usefulness. It has had its day of recognition, and certainly put forth a valiant effort to assist drug addicts and alcoholics who simply had no other alternatives; and has helped many. At the same time though, there are countless others that have not been able to find success with those program.  This is not the case today as there are far more constructive, intensive and successful rehab programs available to the drug addict or alcoholic today than ever before.

The golden opportunity here is while the addict in your life is open to receiving help; take the steps to find out about the programs that have the best success rates. While the addict’s first step is to want help, your first step as a support person is to get them the best help that there is; and you can only do this by learning what’s available. There are professional organizations that only specialize in keeping on top of what is available by way of rehab for the drug addict or alcoholic, and they are there to help you and the addict. It’s a simple matter of relying of their expertise and guidance and you will experience a great relief right from the beginning of having someone in your court. The road ahead for the addict is a long one, just as it will be for you if you are going to walk the road with them. You have needs as well, and these organizations are there for you.

Chances are if you have been dealing with a drug addict or alcoholic for a period of time you may have joined the support groups that are often affiliated with the 12 step programs. These groups are for the friends and families to have some place to go to where they can talk to others who are in the same circumstance as them. This is wonderful for support but it is not productive. You need to be able to get answers for your questions that are going to help you be proactive with your addict’s circumstance. That is where these professional help organizations come into play. Of course they are compassionate and sympathize with your situation. They are also in a much better position to be able to lead you in the right direction. They are a proactive support group that will prove great value to you.

So, really there are two golden opportunities awaiting you – especially if your loved one has contemplated the 12 step route. There is the opportunity for you to take advantage of these professional organizations, and the golden opportunity for you to approach the addict with something new, successful; and certainly not one classed as “hit and miss.”

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