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Celebrity Rehab Faces Difficulty

Sunday, Jun. 13th 2010

Recently there have been reports that VH1′s Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew has had a difficult time finding “qualified” people to participate in the next season.  However, Dr. Drew Pinsky himself stated that while he is not involved in the casting he is certain there would be another season.  One thing is for sure, there are no shortage of addicts in Hollywood.

I think a bigger problem than finding addicts to participate would be convincing them that the show could actually help them recover.  In fact, since it promotes the disease theory of addiction that many unsuccessful drug rehab centers use, I doubt that program participants are there for a chance to get clean so much as a chance to earn some face time on national television and a paycheck.  Of course not all of them, but my guess would be the majority of them.  If you want to see permanent recovery happening, they should film a successful non-12-step drug rehab program.

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