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Dealing With The Phsyical Side of Addictions

Monday, May. 24th 2010

For decades the twelve step programs have worked to help millions of people recover from addiction, but one of the biggest downfalls comes from a lack of handling of the phsyical side of the addictions.  For example, someone trying to overcome an addiction to crack cocaine may still have very heavy physical cravings for the drug even months after completing treatment, and going to meetings and hearing people talk about drugs can actually intensify this problem.

One of the most successful ways of dealing with the physical cravings is through a non-12 step biophysical drug rehab.  These programs have a very unique and intense body cleansing process that removes the stored drug residues that can cause physical cravings.  In addition, by reducing or eliminating these toxins, program participants report increased mental clarity, better sleeping patterns and more energy as a result.

Contact us today for more information on this amazing procedure and to find a non-12 step drug rehab that offers this as a part of its program.

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NIDA Steering People Away from Recovery

Monday, May. 10th 2010

The current director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has made a name for herself by trying to use brain scans to prove that addiction is an incurable brain disease.  Despite being a flawed theory, the most damaging part of this is that is the message that is drilled down to other policy makers, state department heads, addiction treatment professionals and of course consumers.  As a result they are actually steering people away from permanent recovery and into a lifelong medicated stupor at our expense and do the benefit of the drug companies.

However, despite drawing much criticism from mainstream drug rehabs, many non-12-step rehabilitation programs achieve a much higher recovery rate than any traditional treatment practices – especially those that do not try to medicate their patients or tell them they are diseased for life. 

It is time for a non-governmental organization to fund a study of traditional vs. non-traditional rehab methods and make these results well publicized.  In the meantime, we can assist people in locating drug rehabilitation programs that don’t follow the 12 steps and that have a very high rate of success.

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