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California Still the Wild West of Rehabs

Monday, Feb. 22nd 2010

If you go online looking for addiction treatment programs, most likely you will find a large number of California rehab centers.  One of the reasons is because of the climate, but also there are more relaxed regulations for drug and alcohol rehabs there.  Private companies, individuals and non-profit organizations can open up small, 6-bed drug treatment programs relatively easily.  This is one reason why there are so many in southern California such as the Malibu, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach areas.  Who doesn’t love a nice atmosphere by the ocean, right?!

You can also find just about any type of rehab program available, including non-12-step drug rehabs in California, traditional programs, faith-based programs, and just about everything in between.

We can help you locate a successful rehab in California, so contact us today to speak with a counselor who can assist you.  Call 1-877-372-5719.

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Why Non-12 Step Programs Don’t Focus on the Brain

Monday, Feb. 8th 2010

If you checked out the main website of the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), you would see pictures of the brain everywhere.  Even their director, Dr. Volkow, often poses by screenshots of brain scans in most of her pictures.  Doesn’t this seem to be just a bit off the mark?  It does to us. 

See, many of these addiction scientists love focusing on the brain and chemical interactions and testing rats.  Why is that?  Their underlying belief is that people are controlled by their brains instead of having minds and spirits that can overcome physical situations (like brain chemistry), with the right help.  This doesn’t mean that drug rehab centers should not use any physical rehabilitation techniques, in fact it is quite the opposite, but it does mean that people can and do have successful addiction recovery every day without taking more drugs to treat the chemicals in the brain.

Most non-12-step drug rehabs use more of an a holistic approach that includes nutritional therapy, education and some type of spiritual element rather than reducing someone to being powerless against the neurotransmitters, water and tissue inside their head.  It just so happens that they are also typically much more successful than traditional programs.

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