What is Biophysical Drug Rehab?

Biophysical Drug Rehab

Biophysical drug rehab is an approach that focuses on treating addiction at the cellular level. With biophysical rehab, the patient is guided through the physical detox off of drugs or alcohol, and then is given a strong foundation to move through the rest of recovery.

Biophysical rehab is so effective because it focuses on how the body reacts to drugs and alcohol. No matter what substance is being abused, the patient’s body develops a tolerance. The more they take the drugs or drink the alcohol, the more chemicals are stored in the fatty tissue and the organs. Over time, these chemicals can be re-activated and cause cravings.

Learn how biophysical rehab gets better results than traditional 12 step methods.

Instead of teaching patients that they have to overcome cravings through will power, biophysical rehab helps patients detox at a cellular level. They don’t have to subject themselves to a higher power, think of themselves as a lifelong “recovering addict” or battle a disease. Biophysical takes a scientific approach to rehab that traditional 12 step methods just can’t offer.

Although each biophysical rehab treatment facility has their own approach to the process, there are a few keys programs that most offer:

  1. Consultations with nutritionists to develop a specific eating and supplement plan.
  2. A prescribed vitamin and mineral regimen (usually including B3 vitamins).
  3. Dry heat sauna therapy.
  4. Cardiovascular exercise.

As a result of these steps in biophysical rehab, patients can get a clean start at sobriety. When they are able to remove the physical cravings, they can address the psychological and emotional components of addiction.

After the physical detox, they move on to individual therapy so they can focus on their unique reasons for turning to drugs and alcohol in the first place. In one on one sessions, they can analyze their feelings, focus on their goals and develop specific strategies for recovery.

In addition to these treatment options, most biophysical drug rehab facilities operate with long term inpatient programs. This allows patients to receive around the clock care through their physical detox and emotional rebuilding. In this safe, supportive environment, patients are able to get away from their day to day lives and address their problems head on. With a long term stay at biophysical rehab, patients can get the education that they need on re-entering the world after rehab is complete. This is an important part of maintaining sobriety after rehab ends.

Through biophysical drug rehab or alcohol rehab, patients can get the full support that they need to stay away from drugs or alcohol for good.

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